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Lash growth serum

Céline Victor™ presents the biggest innovation in the eyelash industry. After years of development, we have created a formula containing peptide complexes Biotin and Keratin, which boost your eyelash growth without causing skin irritations or damage. It nourishes and cares from the root upwards, strengthening the eyelash follicles to promote healthier, fuller, and more beautiful-looking lashes.

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  • organically proven real results
  • cruelty free kind to animals
  • vegan kind to planet
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It’s as simple as 1,2,3…

Use an oil-free makeup remover or cleanser to take off eye makeup.
Once a day, apply a single stroke of ULTIMATE LASH GROWTH SERUM to the base of your upper lashes, akin to using eyeliner.
If adding more beauty products, ensure the serum is completely dry first.

  • 97%

    Reported a visible improvement in eyelash volume and texture.

  • 100%

    Reported on an attractive increase in the pimp thickness and density

  • 100%

    Reported an impressive increase in eyelash length.

  • 100%

    Would like to recommend the enhancer and other products.

  • 0%

    Noticed irritations!


- - see what do our clients have to say - -

  • I believe we all agree that the Couture Eyeliner should stay YES and I love Athene.

    Karyn G
  • For the girls who are new here... you'll see, applying the lashes is a breeze, and you'll never want to be without them again!❣️

    Ines m
  • My first attempts... I've only been trying out Dina's lashes for a week. You absolutely don't feel like you're wearing false lashes. I'm absolutely thrilled!

    Lura D
  • At first, I doubted because of the spaces between the hairs, but please look at Grace on the eyes, so incredibly well-organized and designed with the small hairs between the longer ones. I'm in love again, I find her so elegant!

    Veronika J
  • Me with Iris and CV Box. Have a beautiful day. All without filter.

    Daniela W
  • Happy with the Angelinas today. Tried the new Couture Eyeliner for the first time. At the moment, I find the pen even easier to handle, but everything takes practice and the lashes hold up great. Just did it this morning with two toddlers around!

  • Die Wimpern veredeln nicht nur deine Augen, sondern auch die Wimpernschachteln machen sich gut als Deko auf jedem Schminktisch oder Kommode. Für mich gehören sie immer in die Handtasche, denn man kann nie wissen

  • Extreme test! Yesterday, 18 hours with Bella using the new Couture Eyeliner, and today, 14 hours including 1.5 hours of sports, showering, and even a short nap at noon! I can only say, dear CV Beauty Team, top-notch! Never going for other lashes & eyeliner again!! I'm super thrilled.

    Jessica G
    Bella Eyelashes
  • My great love: CV Beauty lashes. After desperate attempts to apply magnetic lashes, I stumbled upon CV Beauty by chance. The headline said "without magnets, without glue." My first thought was "Yeah right, that'll never work..." I'm thrilled with the quality, appearance, and feel of the lashes, they're so beautiful and soft. Also, I tolerate the Magic Eyeliner superbly despite my numerous allergies.

    Stephie B
    Mystique Eyelashes
  • Awesome stuff...!!!! So, I finally dared to try Shanti! Man, they're amazing!!!!

    Jennifer B
    Shanti Eyelashes


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